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Using your credit card to fund your online gambling account comes with quite a few up sides. The advantages of course lie in the convenience and flexibility that credit card options offer. You find wide acceptance throughout the online gambling industry, on all platforms, and sophisticated security features also accompany credit card transactions. Improved payment processors have made credit card options much more viable for US players than they used to be, making life much easier for this demographic. We are pleased to see the improvements here, and I personally now only use my credit card when participating in online gambling. Before these improved payment processors emerged, I found it challenging to find options that were available to me as a player from the United States as my attempts at credit card transactions typically failed. This is no longer the case, and with added security such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, using your credit card to fund your gaming is a very secure option.

Credit card deposits may be the easiest and quickest way to fund your online gambling account, hassle free. The funds are transferred instantly and in real time, allowing you immediate access to the funds in your account. The ideal account funding scenario for your online gambling session, and thankfully now a really positive option for U.S.A. players. We do caution you to be extremely selective in who you share your credit card information with though. The sites featured in this guide will all be brands which have been vetted for legitimacy and security to ensure you are only accessing the highest rated and most trusted gambling sites accepting credit cards.

Credit Card Review: Opening Your Credit Card Account

Most players apply for a credit through their bank, or use a debit card that is tied to their personal checking account. There are also credit cards which you can apply for through the credit card brands themselves. The credit card version is dependent on your creditworthiness and comes with a line of credit that must be repaid. The debit card option is tied to your checking account and debits the funds directly from your available balance. You are unable to spend in excess of what is available in your account.

Credit Card Review: Who Can Hold A Credit Card Account?

Anyone who has the minimum credit worthiness required for approval can open a credit card account. Anyone who has a checking account has access to a debit card. There are also prepaid debit card accounts that can be purchased online or at retail outlets that are branded with the major names in credit cards. These can be purchased by anyone. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the prepaid cards as some of them decline any gambling related transactions.

Credit Card Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account With Credit Cards

Any legitimate gambling site is going to require players who want to deposit funds using their credit card to complete an identification verification document of some type, as well as provide proof of your identity and residency. While this may seem like an extra step you have to go through to fund your account, it is only required once, and it really protects you as a card holder and ensures that the transaction is not being initiated by an authorized individual. If you are attempting to fund your account using your credit card at a gambling site that does not request you complete this type of document, then this should be a red flag to you that something is not quite right.

Credit Card Review: Withdrawing Your Winnings

Most online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms do not facilitate withdrawals using your credit card. In most cases you will need to receive your account withdrawals via check or wire transfer.

Credit Card Review: Costs Associated With Using Credit Card Deposits

Some gambling sites do charge a small fee for processing your credit card transaction. These fees are usually around 3% or 4% of the total deposit. Not all sites charge this fee, but some do. It should be clearly stated in the casino, sportsbook, or poker room cashier if these types of fees apply and how much they are as they are required to inform you and obtain your permission before processing the transaction. I know that when I use my credit card for sports betting on the weekends I see the % of the fee and what the total fee is as I am entering my deposit information. Its always a small amount and well worth the convenience of using the card.

Credit Card Review: Popular Credit Card Brands Used In Online Gambling

The most widely accepted credit card brands used for funding online gambling are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We have provided information on all these brands so that you can make an informed decision on which option best suits your gaming preferences. Visa is probably the most accepted credit card brand, with MC and Amex close behind. Discover and Diner's Club are not as frequently mentioned, but they do maintain a presence in the online gambling industry.

Credit Card Review: Advantages of Using Credit Cards To Gambling Online

Convenience and flexibility are the biggest advantages to using your credit card to gambling online. It is definitely the easiest US friendly option, and provides access to your account funds instantly. Since credit cards are accepted at nearly all online gambling sites, you have a wide range of options to choose from when selecting an online gambling site to visit. We have provided access to the most trusted and secure brands in this guide to ensure you are landing at only legal and safe gaming sites. Another advantage is the added security that comes with using your credit card thanks to the sophisticated features that the credit card companies offer, such as Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

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