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Instadebit was once only a Canadian online payment method, but has since expanded its services to include more than 32 countries (USA excluded). It is one of the preferred online payment solutions that resonates convenience, flexibility, and affordability in every way. The registration process only involves two simple steps, and there are no fees of any kind for customers. Insta Debit connects directly with the Canadian banking system for Instadebit Canada, and offers similar direct bank transfer options for other nations, hence customers are able to deposit money directly from their bank account into their online casino account instantly, in real time, putting the 'insta' in Instadebit. This efficient payment option has rapidly become one of the most popular online deposit methods among Canadian and International gambling enthusiasts, and is widely accepted throughout the online casino community as well as thousands of other merchants worldwide, allowing account holders to use their account for a multitude of online purchases. Though it services multiple countries, there are some online gambling sites which only provide access for their Canadian players. Check the gambling site cashier at which you are playing for details.

Instadebit Review: Setting Up Your Instadebit Account

Setting up an account is a very simplified and streamlined process that only involves a few steps of information input. You will need to visit the website and click on the 'sign up now' button on the home page or any of the informational pages. You will then be prompted to enter personal identification information, and your bank account information for funding your account. This entire process takes only a few moments. Once you submit your registration, your account will be approved in a matter of seconds, and you can proceed with funding your online gambling account from there.

Instadebit Review: Who Can Register For An Instadebit Account?

At one time, Insta Debit wallet accounts were available for Canadian customers only. Now they accept customers from more than 32 countries, including the following: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Uruguay. Unfortunately they do not accept customers from the United States.

Instadebit Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account Using Instadebit

Insta-Debit does not require that you pre-fund your wallet account, but rather facilitates instant and direct transfers in real time, allowing players to fund their online gambling accounts directly from the gambling site cashier. Simply select Insta Debit from among the online deposit method options, and you will be prompted to enter your ID and password to authorize an instant transfer from your bank account through InstaDebit, which protects your personal financial information from being accessed by any online merchant.

Which Online Gambling Platforms Welcome Instadebit Deposits

The range of gambling sites accepting Insta Debit has expanded to include a nice variety of venues, including casinos that accept Instadebit, Instadebit poker sites, and Instadebit sports betting sites. While the greatest number of options still lies with the casino arena, we expect the other options to grow rapidly.

Instadebit Review: Withdrawing Money From Your Instadebit Account

Requests for a withdrawal will be processed through the bank account which you have registered and validated with Insta-Debit either during registration, or after wards through account management processes.  The withdrawal is processed via a direct bank transfer of the funds to your bank account, and can only be done using the bank account which is registered and validated prior to the request. 

Instadebit Review: Costs Associated With Your Instadebit Account

This is one of the few online deposit methods which applies absolutely no fees or charges to the customer. All operating costs are handled by the merchants. There are no fees to set up an account, withdraw money, or transfer funds via your account.

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Instadebit Contact Information

Official Website: (US residents will not be able to access this site.)

You can contact their support team through their internal contact form found here: InstaDebit Contact Us

A list of their supported countries can be found here: InstaDebit Supported Countries