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There are more than 685 million MasterCard credit and charge cards currently in use around the world. MasterCard also claims 435 million debit cards in circulation as well. The second most popular credit card company, and rapidly gaining ground on Visa in the number one spot, the MasterCard is globally recognized. For online gambling purposes, this means that it is a preferred method for deposits and banking, but not all Internet gambling websites honor credit cards. Widespread banking regulation changes concerning online transactions for gambling related purchases hit the online gambling community in 2006. Since then, Master Card account deposit access have recently begun to appear at the more reputable online gambling sites, and even for US players.

Both International and US players have access to secure and reputable MasterCard casinos, MC poker sites, and also sports betting sites accepting MasterCard. This credit card brand has become a widely used option for funding online gambling for players, providing a safe and reliable payment method. We do recommend that players lean toewards these types of well established and proven deposit methods for safe handling of your money.

The MasterCard company is headquartered in the United States, and offers a wide variety of prepaid, charge and credit cards to the consumer, many of them offering cash back and frequent flyer rewards. This means that when you use the card to fund an online gambling account, you can in some cases be paying yourself back. The company employs the latest in security technology for handling each individual financial transaction, online and off. MasterCard also offers the MC SecureCode cardholder authentication, a free service you can register for on their website. This assigns you a unique personal code which must be used any time you make a purchase with your MasterCard online.

*MasterCard is not associated with this website, nor does it act as a sponsor for this site or any of the gambling websites featured on this site. We simply provide information about the online gambling sites which accept Mastercard as a deposit method. This information is not endorsed in any way by MasterCard.

MasterCard Review: Opening Your Master Card Account

MasterCard does not offer its wide range of cards directly to the consumer. You must go through a bank or financial institution, and be approved for a MasterCard account. For a list of the institutions near you which offer the MasterCard lineup, go to the official MasterCard website, or just head over to your bank. You will have to undergo a credit check before you are approved for a credit card, but MasterCard prepaid cards can be purchased at millions of retail outlets in the United States and abroad. Prepaid cards require no credit check, and you simply pay for them in cash. This gives you immediate approval anywhere the MasterCard logo is honored, including online gambling sites which support MasterCard deposits. Be sure to read the terms and conditions on the prepaid cards prior to purchase as some of them will not process gambling related transactions.

MasterCard Review: Who Can Hold A MasterCard Account?

Generally the legal age for holding a MasterCard account is 18 years, but this may differ from country to country. In the United States, some banks allow for 16-year-olds to obtain a MasterCard debit cards, but not charge cards. Since MasterCard offers their prepaid, debit and credit cards through banking institutions, and not directly to the end-user, you should contact your local banker and inquire about opening a MasterCard account. Just remember that to qualify for a MasterCard credit card, you will undergo a credit check.

MasterCard Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account With MasterCard

Once you have obtained a MasterCard credit, prepaid or debit card, funding your online gambling account with that card is speedy and simple. Head over to the cashier or banking section of the online gambling website where you want to open an account. An identity verification process is required for credit card processing at the most trustworthy online gambling portals, and this helps ensure your personal safety. Choose MC as your account funding method, a deposit option available to US players as well as those located overseas. Once you have completed the sign-up process and made your deposit with your Master Card into your online account, that money is available instantly.

MasterCard Review: Withdrawing Your Winnings

The beauty of MC online deposits is speed. This is not the same with most online gambling websites when you want to take your money out. To ensure meeting regulatory banking requirements, the majority of online gambling websites will send you your money via a personal check or money order. Not all websites are created equal, so check with the cashier or customer service department of the site where you open the Maste rCard account, and inquire about their particular withdrawal process.

MasterCard Review: Costs Associated With Using Master Card Deposits

Credit card companies are processors of transactions, virtually and in the real world. They make money by charging a small fee on some transactions, and most online gambling websites will charge you a negligible fee for using your MasterCard. This is standard in the industry, and is the same for Visa and American Express cards. Generally ranging from 3% to 4%, this is no fixed figure. Check out the FAQs section or the cashier at your particular gambling website for the exact cost, but this will not be a hidden fee. When you use your MasterCard to make a deposit, before you give your okay to process the transaction, you will see the percentage fee indicated and will have.

MasterCard Review: Advantages of Using Master Card To Gambling Online

There are several major advantages to using MasterCard to fund your online gambling account. The company offers several types of cards and accounts which reward you by either giving you cash back, or allowing you to collect rewards points. Also, there is the advantage of using your preferred payment method, and receiving the MasterCard guarantee that you will never be charged for a fraudulent transaction. The MasterCard SecureCode cardholder authentication adds another layer of security and safety to your online transactions, and the MasterCard Online Authentication Service ensures the veracity and safety of each online transaction. Also, since it is more difficult for online gambling websites to meet the strict banking regulations that are required for offering MasterCard, those companies which do allow for this particular deposit method are generally the most secure and trustworthy in the online community.

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