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EcoCard is a prepaid debit account that allows instant online payments at any of the thousands of merchants accepting this payment method. They have recently re-branded their company with the name EcoPayz, which spans the entire range of their payment tools. EcoCard remains as a core brand within their group, and has been restructured with some new terms as well. Your primary online account is now known as the EcoAccount. There are a few different versions of the account, including their physical MasterCard prepaid card account which is known as EcoCard, and their virtual prepaid card which is also MasterCard branded and is known as their EcoVirtualcard. Eco Card is widely accepted at online gambling sites around the world, and being partnered with the MasterCard brand, there's virtually no limitations to the extent of which your EcoAccount can be used.

EcoPayz Review: Setting Up Your Account

Registering for an account is both quick and simple, requiring simply for personal information, such as name, address, email address, etc. to be provided, as well as the financial information for the funding option which you are going to use to fund your account (credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or bank account). Your account will be verified via an email confirmation which contains an activation code and instructions on how to complete this step. Once you have activated your account, you can then login to your account and accept the terms and conditions of an Eco-CardAccount, thereby completing your account registration and activation.

If you are applying for an EcoCard Prepaid Debit MasterCard, or the Virtual Prepaid MasterCard, there is an additional form to complete which is again, quick and simple to complete and submit. The Eco-Card Prepaid Debit Master Card and PIN will be mailed to your registered address and can be activated online. This is a physical Debit MasterCard which can be used both offline at land based merchants and online at e-commerce merchants. You can also use your Debit MasterCard to withdraw funds from your EcoAccount via ATM machines around the world.

The Virtual MasterCard will be activated a little differently. Half of the card number will be emailed to you, while the remaining half will be text messaged to your cell phone, with final information being provided once you enter the entire card number into your Eco Card account. The Virtual Master Card is for online purchases only, and does not come with a physical MasterCard debit card.

Eco-Payz Review: Who Can Register For An Account?

This option is an International online payment service which services customers in over 25 countries. Unfortunately they do not accept USA customers at this time.

Eco Payz Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account Using EcoCard

Eco Card is accepted at most online gambling sites around the world. To use this popular online deposit method, you simply select the applicable logo from the cashier menu, and proceed as prompted to enter your account information and purchase casino, poker, or sportsbook credits accordingly. It is a simplified, streamlined process that only takes a few moments to complete. It is possible that with the new re branding of the company, you may also see the EcoPayz logo at some merchants, so just remember that the logos are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

What Types Of Gaming Platforms Welcome Eco Payz Deposits?

Because of its security features and flexibility, this payment solution has been welcomed across multiple venues, including Eco Payz sports betting, Eco-Payz poker, and Eco-Payz casinos gambling.

Eco Payz Review: Withdrawing Money From Your Account

There are two options for withdrawing money from your account: you can request a withdrawal via your Eco Card debit account which will be processed via direct bank transfer to the bank account you have registered, or you can use your Prepaid Debit MasterCard to withdraw via ATM machine instantly. The instant access sure makes the EcoCard Prepaid Debit MasterCard a considerable option. Keep in mind that you may see both the EcoCard and EcoPayz logo used throughout their merchant network, and their are one in the same service. EcoCard remains as a branded payment solution under the EcoPayz range of services.

Eco-Payz Review: Costs Associated With Your Account

There are some nominal administrative fees associated with each of the three versions of the Eco Card account, as follows:

EcoCard Account Fees:

* 2.9% credit card deposit fee * 4.9% EFT fee (Canadian customers only)
* $10 flat fee for withdrawals to bank account
* 1.5% fee to transfer funds to another Eco Payz account

EcoCard Prepaid Debit MasterCard

* 2% cash withdrawal fee * 4% cash advance fee * 2% transaction fee * $12.50 card renewal fee
* $.20 card cancellation fee
* $2.50 card expiry fee
* $12.50 card replacement fee

EcoCard Virtual MasterCard

* 2% card load fee * 2% transaction fee
* $1.00 card cancellation fee
* $2.50 card expiry fee
* $12.50 card replacement fee

After learning how beneficial, user friendly, and secure Eco Payz is as an online payment option, you can learn more about our featured EcoPayz Casinos.

EcoPayz Contact Information

Eco-Payz offers EcoAccount support and contact through either Live Chat or through their internal web form. The Live Chat is available from their support and contact page. You can access their internal web form here: EcoPayz Contact Form

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