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The paysafecard is Europe's premiere pre-paid online deposit method being used in the online gambling arena. Unlike other prepaid options which require a credit card, debit card, or bank account in order to load the prepaid card, this option allows players to use cold hard cash to load funds onto their prepaid card, which can then be transferred to an online casino account. There are over 300,000 merchant shoppes across the world at which to purchase your pay safe card. You are provided with a 16 digit PIN number at your time of purchase to provide you with added security for your funds. Using a prepaid option such as the this one keeps your personal financial information confidential since you don't have to divulge any of your financial data during your purchase. You can use up to ten cards per purchase, hence maximizing your opportunities. Using this payment solution is a very effective method for online gambling enthusiasts who struggle with self control when it comes to spending money. You can only spend as much as your card is worth, hence you have a built in shut down mechanism that will keep you from exceeding your spending limits.

Paysafecard Review: Setting Up Your Paysafecard Account

One of the most convenient aspects to this convenient payment solution is that there is no 'account' to set up or maintain, no approval process, and no waiting periods. It is ultra convenient and flexible, with the process simply consisting of purchasing your pay safe card at any of the thousands of outlets across Europe and other parts of the world, and then using it to purchase credits at your favorite casino. It just doesn't get any easier.

Paysafecard Review: Who Can Use A Paysafecard?

Pay-safe-cards are sold in Europe and other parts of the word, and can be purchased using cash at any participating outlet. They are now sold in the United States, however no US PINS will be able to be used in gambling related transactions. Pay safe card USA is UIGEA compliant and refuses to facilitate online gambling purchases for USA players.

Paysafecard Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account Using Paysafecard

To fund your online gambling account using your prepaid card, you simply select this payment method from among the deposit method options on the cashier page of the casino at which you are playing. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN number, and the amount of casino credits that you would like to purchase. Upon confirmation of your transaction, your casino credits will instantly be available in your online casino account.

Paysafecard Review: Withdrawing Money From Your Paysafecard

To cash in the credit remaining on your card, you simply contact the customer service team at and request the refund to be processed. There will be a $7.50 fee assessed for the refund.

Paysafecard Review: Costs Associated With Your Paysafecard

Other than the $7.50 refund fee, there are no fees associated with your paysafecard for the first twelve months that you have it. After twelve consecutive months of non-activity, they will begin debiting $2 per month from your paysafecard balance.

So now that you see how simplified and streamlined using pay safe card really is, check out our featured Paysafecard Casinos.