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Amex ranks as one of the 20 most admired brands in the world, and the company is one of the 30 components which make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the US. The company offers credit and charge cards as well as traveler's checks, and processes a full 24% of all credit card transactions in the United States. Simply put, when you have an American Express card, you are treated with the highest level of financial respect. Most online gambling websites prefer to offer Visa and MasterCard account funding to American Express, because the company is extremely picky about who they do business with.

This means that when you find an online gambling site which allows you your preferred American Express card as a banking option, you know you are dealing with a site which has gone through a thorough investigative process from American Express. While there are not a large number of gambling sites willing to go the extra mile to offer Amex as a deposit method in their cashier, we have been able to review sites from a variety of gambling platforms, including the following:

American Express Casinos – online casino operations which welcome the American Express card. These sites offer traditional casino games inside of a virtual, online gambling environment.

American Express Poker Sites – online poker rooms that allow players to use their Amex card to fund their account. These sites usually offer the most popular poker games in an online format, as well as multi-hand and multip table options, and tournaments to participate in.

American Express Sports Betting Sites – Sportsbook wagering that can be funded using American Express. Bettors will find a variety of betting lines and wagering options at online sportsbooks, and often live, in play betting as well.

The company charges online and retail outlets a higher per transaction fee than both Visa and MasterCard, and this makes many online gambling sites shy away from offering this particular deposit method. When you open an American Express account on the company's website, your sensitive personal and financial information is protected by 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, meaning that your account information can not be viewed by anyone other than you. And only the most reputable online gambling sites honor the American Express card, an international symbol of financial integrity.

**This site is not associated with American Express in any way, nor do we claim that American Express sponsors this website or any of the websites featured in our guide. We are simply providing information concerning online gambling websites which accept American Express as a valid online deposit method. None of the gambling sites featured here are associated with American Express in any way.

American Express Review: Opening Your American Express Account

Amex is the only one of the big three credit card brands which deals directly with the consumer. That means that a bank does not have to act as a go-between when you open an account with the company. You may apply for an American Express account directly on their website, but you will undergo a thorough credit check. American Express cardholders enjoy the reputation of being the most creditworthy of all consumers, due to the company's strict credit checking process, which includes a thorough identity verification.

American Express Review: Who Can Hold A American Express Account?

American Express is the strictest credit card issuer out of the major brands, and to become approved for an account you must have a credit worthiness well above average. One of the benefits of American Express over MasterCard and Visa is the fact that you can apply directly from that company, on their secure website. Many banks offer the American Express card, but you do not have to obtain a card there. You can fill out an application for one of the many American Express financial vehicles online at their official website, as long as you are of legal age in your particular jurisdiction.

American Express Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account With Amex

When you fund your online gambling account with your American Express card, the funds are available to you immediately, so there are no delays in accessing your American Express gambling site account. Amex cardholders are known as the most responsible consumers financially, so when you find a website which honors the American Express card, your transactions are handled speedily. Simply find the cashier or banking tab on the website, and choose American Express as your deposit option. You will then go through an identity verification to ensure you are the cardholder, just another step of security afforded those who use their Amex card online.

American Express Review: Withdrawing Your Winnings

You may be able to find an online gambling account that accepts your respective American Express card as a deposit method, but you will probably need to withdraw your winnings in some other way. Because of current online banking regulations in many countries, websites which offer online gambling usually send you your money upon request, but in the form of a personal check or money order. In some cases there will also be other withdrawal options, but none will deposit directly to your American Express account.

American Express Review: Costs Associated With Using American Express Deposits

The reason that American Express is found at fewer online gambling websites then MasterCard and Visa is because that every transaction processed through an Amex account receives a larger transaction fee than those other cardholders. This is in no means a substantial difference, and usually accounts for only a penny or two on the dollar. When you use your American Express card to open an online gambling account, you will be charged a small transaction fee of 3% to 5% generally. This will appear on the details of your deposit transaction before you give the okay for processing, so you know exactly what it is.

Amex Review: Advantages of Using American Express To Gambling Online

The advantages to using your American Express card when opening an online gambling account are several. The Roman Centurion on the American Express card is the highest symbol of financial integrity and responsibility that is found on any credit card. This global respect for you as an Amex cardholder extends to online gambling outlets as well, and your approved American Express deposits are available for immediate access. The company is also much stricter on their business partners than Visa or MasterCard. This means that if you can find an online gambling website allowing you to make a deposit with American Express, you are at a very safe and secure destination. Also, you choose a Self-Selected User ID and Password when opening an American Express account, as well as a Personal Security Key for identity verification and authentication, and the company offers regular account activity alerts and an antifraud protection guarantee to help protect you further.

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