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Visa processes more than 65 billion transactions each year, for a total of more than $44 trillion. Needless to say, millions of people around the world own a Visa credit or debit card. In just the United States, Visa accounts for more than 39% of the credit card marketplace, as well as 61% of the debit card marketplace. And that is what makes funding an online gambling account with your Visa card so attractive. Visa is the number one preferred payment method for millions of Americans, and the card is popular overseas as well. And Visa protects its customers with excellent security measures, meaning your online transactions are extremely safe. Also, since stringent banking regulations that came about as part of the 2006 UIGEA bill that hit the online gambling community, many of the more reputable Internet gambling providers have worked extra hard to provide Americans and international gamers with account funding through their preferred Visa credit or debit card.

This means that where you see the Visa logo in the online cashier cage or account funding options list of a website offering online gambling, this is the sign of a safe and secure site. Visa also backs every single transaction online and off with their Zero Liability policy, which guarantees that you will never be held responsible for fraudulent charges made on your account. You may find that some banks issuing Visa cards may not approve an online gambling account funding deposit, but because of the changing face of the Internet gambling industry, most Visa card transactions will hit your online account immediately. And when you sign up for the free Verified by Visa online account offered by Visa, you get another layer of protection. Visa provides real-time comprehensive fraud protection to all its customers, however big or small, on credit and debit cards. But Verified by Visa goes one step further, and is especially helpful for online transactions. Your identity is confirmed by your input of an additional password, which virtually guarantees no unauthorized online uses. Visa can be used at the following types of sites:

Visa Casinos - online casinos accepting Visa deposits and utilizing premium payment processors and high level security protocols.

Visa Poker Rooms - high quality poker sites offering players the opporutnity to use their Visa card to fund their online poker account.

Visa Sports Betting Sites - sportsbooks which are Visa friendly and employ the additional security features offered by the Visa brand.

Visa Review: Opening Your Visa Account

Visa does not offer its many payment processing services directly to the end-user. You have to obtain a Visa prepaid, credit or debit card through a bank, financial institution or retail outlet which offers this service. While obtaining a line of credit will require you to go through a review of your credit worthiness, a Visa prepaid card works exactly as a debit or credit card when you use it online. The benefit here is that many Visa prepaid cards are available at millions of retail outlets, they do not require a credit check, and you have the physical card in your hands as soon as you pay for it. From the Visa website you can locate prepaid card retail outlets, as well as banks and financial institutions where you can apply for a Visa credit card.

Visa Review: Who Can Hold A Visa Account?

Banks and other financial institutions in the United States will generally not allow you to hold a Visa account until you are 18 years of age. This works lock-in-step with online gambling destinations, who generally require that you be 18 years of age to use their website. You simply need to hit your nearest bank and ask them about opening a Visa account, or find one of the many retail outlets that sells prepaid Visa debit cards. Laws regarding eligibility for a Visa card or account can vary drastically from country to country, and even state to state. Contact your nearest banker for more information, or check out the Visa Card Advisor on their official website for a list of card issuers, as well as eligibility requirements.

Visa Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account With Visa

We list the top websites which offer Visa account funding, and if you have ever purchased anything online with your Visa card, opening an account at an online gambling portal is basically the same. However, the most trustworthy and reputable online operators will definitely have you go through some kind of identification verification process. This means a little more time and effort on your part, but is the sign of a top online gambling website who is offering secure banking options. Once you have been verified, Visa credit, debit and prepaid account deposits hit your online gambling account immediately. You are then able to access those funds and place a wager instantly. Websites these days use multiple payment processors, so finding one to okay your deposit immediately is never a problem, thanks to the secure online payment processing reputation Visa enjoys.

Visa Review: Withdrawing Your Winnings

If you open your account with a Visa card, do not immediately expect that withdrawals will be as instantly accessible to you. The deposit process is instantaneous, but most online gambling websites prefer to deliver your money by check or money order, because of regulations placed on credit card processing. This is the same with American Express and MasterCard, and is common in the online gambling industry. In some cases there also may be a small fee regarding one form of withdrawal over another, so be sure to check with your online cashier at the site you are using before making a withdrawal.

Visa Review: Costs Associated With Using Visa Deposits

Visa operates as a payment processor, moving between your bank and those on and off-line sites where you spend money. The way they make money is by charging processing fees on each transaction, and it is common to place a very small fee on your deposits when you use your Visa card at an online gambling destination. You can expect anywhere from a 3% to 4% fee when you make a deposit, and this could vary from one site to another. But this will be clearly shown when you fill out the online deposit form before you agree to process the transaction. Trustworthy websites are very transparent about any fees they charge for deposits using your Visa card, and if you have any questions, head to the cashier or customer service section of the site.

Visa Review: Advantages of Using Visa To Gambling Online

The advantages of using a Visa card when opening an online gambling account are plenty. The Visa card is the most used credit card in the world, and the most popular. It is easier to qualify for a Visa card than it is a MasterCard or American Express card, and the Visa prepaid card option is a helpful alternative to those online gamblers who prefer the safety and security of the Visa name, but do not quite have the credit worthiness to obtain a credit card. We strongly urge you to sign up for the free Verified by Visa account that Visa offers on their website, which adds yet another layer of virtual safety to your online transactions. With the company's Zero Liability policy on fraudulent transactions, real-time fraud monitoring and 3-digit security code shown on the back of your Visa card, your online gambling banking experience could not be safer. Another advantage is speed, as your approved Visa deposits are instantly available for online use. Also, for US players, more and more top-level online gambling destinations with an excellent reputation at delivering extreme customer satisfaction in a safe environment are offering convenient Visa card account funding.

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