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The fact that there are currently more American Express sports betting sites available to US and international gamblers reflects a couple of recent changes. Sports gamblers around the world have generally had an easier time finding Internet sportsbooks which allow credit cards to be used for account funding. That has not usually been the case in the United States. However, the attitude towards Internet gambling has been relaxing in the United States, with a few states even now legally offering their residents and visitors legalized online gambling. The second big change which has made American Express sports betting on your smartphone or PC more common has to do with technology. The reliability of payment processors has increased, meaning a much greater chance that your transaction will be processed successfully. These changes also apply to American Express poker rooms and casinos accepting Amex deposits.

There are still a few banks in the US which will not allow you to use your American Express card to fund any type of online gambling activity or account. Luckily, the legitimate sportsbooks which accept your AMEX card also offer a wide variety of options for deposit methods to cover those rare instances. And the American Express card can also be purchased as a prepaid debit card. You simply use cash to purchase a prepaid card, and that account works just like a credit or charge account with American Express, except that it is only worth the amount you used to purchase or fund it. This allows US and international gamblers the ability to place a wager on their favorite sports team or contest without being subject to the high level of credit worthiness which is required to qualify for an American Express charge card.

While some will US states are moving to join New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada in offering Internet gambling in some form, that may take some time. In the meanwhile, it is still legal for an American citizen to place a sports wager at an online sportsbook as long as that company is not incorporated and located inside physical United States boundaries. This has allowed online gambling licensing to be obtained in Europe, Canada and other countries, and many of the smart Internet sportsbooks which have received their certification there also offer Amex account funding, and support for US players. Until the US launches their own licensed and regulated options, the majority of American Express gambling sites will be located, licensed and regulated outside of the United States.

Due to the stringent approval requirements and heavier fees which American Express demands from its business partners, this is the least common credit card you will find accepted at most online gambling portals. Even though, one of the reasons why American Express cardholders want to be able to use their preferred plastic for Internet sports betting is because of the generous Membership Rewards program the company offers. You earn points every time you use your AMEX card, and those points can be redeemed for merchandise, fine dining, travel and entertainment. You simply need to separate the safe and secure American Express sports betting websites from the less than reputable operators, and we show you how to do exactly that in the section below. If you'd like to learn more about what the American Express card is all about and how its been integrated into the online gambling industry, check out our American Express review.

**, nor any of the websites featured here have any association with the American Express credit card company or its partners. American Express does not sponsor or endorse any of the websites you see on this page. We are simply providing information concerning online sportsbooks which accept American Express as a funding method for player accounts.

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American Express Sportsbooks How Do I Find the Best One?

We mentioned above that there are certain jurisdictions across the globe which are certified to license online gambling websites. That includes Internet sportsbooks, but not every licensing locale is created equal. Just like any other business sector, there are excellent, average, and poor businesses offering legitimate online gambling licenses. Starting out as online gamblers and eventually using our years of industry contacts and experience in the online gambling community as consultants, we understand which licensing jurisdictions are legitimate, and which are not. The extensive review process we follow has uncovered those particular American Express sports betting websites you see listed on this page as providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the most reliable and secure banking experience, as well as excellent welcome bonuses.

Just as important as where a company is licensed is the reputation that firm has in the online gambling community. You can get a pretty good idea about the trustworthiness and integrity of a particular site by cruising Internet sportsbook chat rooms and forums. That is exactly what we do, and there is often times information revealed here which can be found nowhere else. If a particular website passes these first two levels of investigation, we make requests of its security levels and customer service department. We ask a lot of questions, checking both the quality of the answers we receive, as well as how long it takes that Internet sportsbook to respond. These are important factors to take into consideration before you use your AMEX card to fund an account.

We also check the FAQs section of a website where we are considering opening an account. The more transparent a company is about its operation, the safer we feel, and we recommend you do the same. It may sound strange that one of the last things we look for are competitive lines in an American Express sports betting website, but it is critical that we identify the proper infrastructure before getting "sucked in" by attractive lines, sides and totals. If the overall experience offered by a particular sports betting website is less than reliable and trustworthy, it does not matter if we are offered the best lines in the business. We simply will not hold an account there, and you should not either.

Having said that, once you identify an online sportsbook as legitimately licensed and certified, you find they have a great reputation, and you do some thorough on-site research, you definitely want to make sure that the lines offered are competitive. Another tip we always offer potential Internet sports gamblers is to hold numerous accounts at multiple Internet sportsbooks. Before you think this may be expensive, it is not. You can open online sports betting accounts at the reputable firms we list on this page for a very minimal amount of money, sometimes starting as small as $25. This allows you to "shop around" for the best lines, which the veteran sports gambler knows is extremely important. A mere 1/2 point can be the difference between winning or losing bets, so it pays to be able to place a quick wager at the Internet sportsbook which offers you the best number.

We realize that not a lot of people which enjoy sports gambling like we do may have the time to go through such an extensive review process. That is why we only recommend the websites on this page where we would personally hold accounts. We stake our hard-earned reputation as well known online gambling industry consultants on the validity and legitimacy of the American Express sports betting sites listed here. They all operate with a high level of integrity, customer satisfaction is a top priority, you can use your AMEX card to fund your account with instant access to your money, and most of them support US players. Whether you conduct your own extensive review or allow us to do the work for you, you need to ask the questions we discussed above to ensure that you are placing your wagers at one of the top Internet sportsbooks.