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ClickandBuy Poker sites are considered to be among the most secure and reliable options for non-USA online gambling participants. One reason for this is because Click and Buy has stringent partnership requirements which must be met prior to becoming an approved merchant, and a significant portion of these requirements are security related. This e-Money operation actually requests that each potential merchant prove that they have an adequate security profile prior to joining the platform. This is good news for players! Poker players and online gamblers in general should always demand payment options which operate with this level of standards as it is a strong demonstration that protecting your investment is important to them. This makes it less likely that low quality or rogue poker sites will be a part of the merchant network offering Click-And-Buy deposit options.

Another reason that poker sites accepting ClickandBuy are popular is due to the wide selection of funding methods, and the convenience that using a robust e-Money platform such as this provides. Funding options are dependent on your country of origin, and include bank accounts, credit/debit cards, and various local debit or prepaid cards. Along with funding your poker action, Click-and-Buy account holders can use their membership to make online purchases at thousands of merchants world wide. You can use your own currency, regardless of where your purchase is being made from, which is a very nice convenience. Online gambling transactions are facilitated by Click and Buy for players who live outside of the United States. US residents may hold an account, however are not permitted to use that account for poker or any other online gambling transactions. To learn more about this payment solution, visit our ClickAndBuy review, or visit the ClickandBuy official website.

While being associated with the Click and Buy brand is a feather in the cap of any merchant, players should not consider it a blanket approval regarding any gambling site. There are ClickandBuy poker sites that will still not qualify as the type of high quality option you should consider playing at. Yes, it is a step in the right direction, but additional components must be present at any gambling site before it is considered a legitimate brand to bring your business too. A site may pass the Click-and-Buy accepting requirements, but fail to utilize a dependable and feature rich gaming software platform or have a poor performance with distributing player payouts. Many things must be taken into account before you open an account at any online poker room. Further down on this page we explain in detail the added security that Click and Buy brings to the table, and what you need to verify on the poker room operator side to ensure a completely trustworthy and safe poker experience. We've also listed some online poker sites which have been thoroughly vetted by our team of online gambling professionals, and have met our standards for inclusion as a trusted and legitimate ClickandBuy poker room.

At this time there are not any ClickandBuy poker sites that we can recommend to you. Our team is avidly searching for legitimate options to include in our guide. Until then, we have listed some of the most respected and trusted online poker rooms that offer a robust banking suite with alternative comparable payment solutions. Once a legitimate poker site accepting click and buy surfaces, we will update this information promptly.

There are some high quality gambling sites available that welcome this option, including casinos accepting ClickandBuy, and sports betting sites that accept ClickandBuy.

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How Secure Are Click And Buy Poker Rooms?

Click-And-Buy is truly one of the most secure and reliable e-Money solutions to ever launch, and poker sites accepting ClickAndBuy have signed up to do so for good reason. This e-Money service has over 14 millions users and more than 16,000 registered merchants. They were established in 1999 in Germany, and have since expanded their scope of services extensively, and are now headquartered in London. They are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and serve the International community. They are also TUV Certified, which is a highly esteemed industry certification, and are also an approved e-Money Institution per the guidelines of the European Union. As if that wasn't enough certification, Click And Buy is also PCI DSS Level 1 certified. This is the same industry testing and auditing officials that are secured by Visa, American Express and MasterCard, hence their stamp of approval is significant. Clearly, this payment solution takes their certifications and licensing very seriously, and makes any gambling site accepting Click And Buy or any merchant that they've partnered with for that matter a strong consideration for safe e-commerce transactions.

In order to establish the client trust that Click-And-Buy endeavors to obtain, they have taken things a step further by meeting stringent international security standards that far exceed standard statutory requirements of the industry, including the McAfee Certificate, among others. Now that you can be sure that Click And Buy is legally licensed, regulated and certified by a number of regulatory organizations, lets take a look at their security profile. Starting with your login to your account, their system instantly enables the maximum level of privacy technology, with high level password requirements. They have engineered their registration process so that your personal financial information is only requested once, and is transmitted and store using the most sophisticated SSL encoding and data encryption. And no, their security dossier didn't stop there. They employ network specialist to monitor their technologically advanced data system 24 hours a day, supported by advanced intelligent technical solutions where were developed exclusively for data monitoring. These impressive security protocols exceed industry standards and is documented by legitimate international certifications. It should now be clear to you why poker rooms accepting ClickandBuy deposits provide an additional layer of security to your online poker activity.

Now, for vetting the poker sites themselves we have a very intense and serious process that our team members execute to determine the legitimacy of any online gambling brand. We do recommend that you consider expert input when it comes to trusted ClickandBuy poker sites. As we mentioned before, partnering with a payment solution such as this is a step in the right direction, but it does not solely guarantee that a poker room is honest, secure in their operations, processes their banking suite efficiently, or has a stellar reputation in the online poker community. While Click-and-buy does have some checks in place to ensure that their partners provide a certain degree of security themselves, they do not go so far as to vet a brand's licensing and certifications within their respective industry, or the deeper layers of quality of their services and performance. It is our job to assess a brand's reputation and legitimacy prior to opening an account. There are many critical components that need evaluating that casual, newer, or even experienced players may not be aware of. It is the subtle and hidden red flags that give away a site as low quality or dangerous. Our trained eye can methodically spot the good, the bad, and the evil, and determine whether a site is safe and should be trusted, or is undesirable and should be avoided.

Some of the initial points we take issue with are their licensing and certifications, as well as their security protocols. We verify that they are licensed in their respective jurisdiction, subject to regulatory oversight, and that they willing participate in regular auditing and testing of their software, RNG technology, and fair gaming practices. We require that that compliance certifications be in place from respected industry auditors and authorities. As far as security is concerned, we expect any ClickandBuy poker site that we feature in this guide to do more than set up just enough security to satisfy licensing requirements. We require that they exceed industry standards, and employ SSL coding and data encryption that mirrors the technology used by credit card companies, banks, and prestigious world class financial institutions. Only then do we feel that players and their personal financial data are being protected to the maximum level.

We then take a look at the quality, reliability and consistency of the performance of their gaming software, banking suite, and customer support. Their software platform should demonstrate dependable and smooth game play, without bugs and glitches, and offer well designed player tools and features. Their banking suite should reflect efficiency in transaction processing with fast payouts. We typically test the customer support team with aggressive inquiries and challenging issues to see how effectively and timely they respond to players and situations, and how well they are able to resolve problems. We access feedback from players and industry professionals, and combine it with our own personal experience as registered players before we determine the value of the poker site's reputation. We literally leave no stone unturned, and spend time performance the same tests over and over to find patterns and consistency. Only after all these key markers are evaluated do we begin looking at the bells and whistles, such as game selection, tournament schedules, bonus offers and rewards program for an overall pleasing poker gaming experience and good value. Any ClickandBuy poker room you see featured on our site has undergone an extensive evaluation process from head to toe, and has earned their spot on this page.