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UPDATE: MoneyLineWallet is no longer involved with providing online deposit methods to online gamblers. While this primarily affects USA players, there are some great alternatives to consider, such as credit cards.

MoneyLineWallet is a new USA friendly e-wallet payment solution that is helping to fill the recently enlarged void left by e-wallet services which are no longer accepting US customers such as eWalletXpress and Gold-Pay. Money Line Wallet allows players to deposit funds into your account using your personal bank account information or a bank wire transfer. Depositing money into your MoneyLineWallet is rather fast, easy, and convenient. Payouts, however, cannot boast the same favorable conditions with an extended waiting period prior to receiving your withdrawal. Due to the lengthy payout processing time, we must admit that MoneyLineWallet may not fall under the 'perfect' category, however in cases where it is the sole US friendly option, it can actually be a life saver, albeit a tad inconvenient on that one detail of payouts. Payout time aside, everything else about MoneyLineWallet lines up quite nicely. From a highly secure and user friendly registration and account management process to a knowledgeable and friendly customers support team, MoneyLineWallet was able to wow us in all non-payout related areas of their service, making the lengthy payout time slightly less obtrusive. Below are additional details about MoneyLindWallet, and how you can put this e-wallet payment process to work for you as you enjoy your online gambling adventures.

MoneyLineWallet Review: Setting Up Your MoneyLineWallet Account

Account registration with MoneyLineWallet is fast and simplified, with the process beginning on the cashier page of the MoneyLineWallet Casino at which you are playing. Simply select MoneyLineWallet from the deposit method menu, and you will then be prompted to either login into your Money Line Wallet account or register for an account, and in our case, you'll select the register for an account option. At this point you will enter personal identification information, including data such as your name, address, phone number, etc. You will also be asked to register your bank account for funding purposes. You can do this during registration, or if you are waiting to deposit funds into your account, you may do it then. The whole registration process only takes a few minutes at most, and account availability occurs instantly.

MoneyLineWallet Review: Who Can Register For A MoneyLineWallet Account?

At this time, MoneyLineWallet is only available to USA residents.

MoneyLineWallet Review: Funding Your Online Gambling Account Using MoneyLineWallet

Funding your online gambling account using MoneyLineWallet first involves funding your e-wallet account. You may then select MoneyLineWallet from among the options on the deposit method menu in the cashier of the online casino at which you are playing. You will then be prompted for login information to authorize the funds transfer from your MoneyLineWallet account into your online casino account. Its a fast and simplified process that yields instant results.

MoneyLineWallet Review: Withdrawing Money From Your MoneyLineWallet Account

This is where things get a little more difficult with MoneyLineWallet. The actual request for withdrawal is easy, and can be done from your account management page in Your payment will be processed as a money order if it totals less than $1000, or a bank wire transfer if it is $1000 or more. The difficult part is the waiting period, which can be up to 30 days in some cases.

MoneyLineWallet Review: Costs Associated With Your MoneyLineWallet Account

There are some nominal fees associated with operating a MoneyLineWallet account. You will be charged a flat fee of $3.68 per deposit, and a $10 fee for withdrawals that are less than $1000, and a $53.50 bank wire transfer fee for withdrawals which are $1000 or more.

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