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Note: UseMyBank has recently undergone a name change and is now referred to as UseMyFunds. The name is the only thing that has changed, with all processes and operations remaining completely the same. Learn more at the official UseMyServices website. All of the previous labled UseMyBank gambling sites below now display the Use My Funds logo in their cashier menu with the exception of Vegas Joker, who has chosen to retain the Use My Bank logo in their menu for the time being. The terms and logos are literally interchangeable, so regardless of which one you see displayed, they are one in the same, and operate in exactly the same way that Use-My-Bank always has in the past.

UseMyFunds Gambling has become a preferred means for transferring funds into your online casino account using a reliable, trusted, and efficient method. This option allows players to use their Online Bill Payment service at their own bank for transferring the funds to the online casino in real time. The UseMyServices platform does not receive any of your personal bank account information, so your finances are completely secure and protected from everyone and anyone. This virtually eliminates the risk of fraud or theft, and keeps your finances safe, making these gambling sites some of the most secure options out there.

For players who want exceptional security and a high quality Use My Funds Gambling performance, you will want to check out our featured UseMyFunds Casinos, each of them comes with our personal thumbs up, which incidentally is not an easy thing to obtain. We are extremely selective with whom we choose to endorse, hence any online casino who makes the cut and lands on our gambling sites page has come dressed to impress. Learn more using our UseMyFunds Review.


UseMyFunds Gambling Sites

Grand Hotel Casino is an amazing UseMyBank casino
Grand Hotel Casino accepts UseMyBank payments
Grand Hotel Casino
  • Sign-up Bonus: 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $100
  • Significantly Large Progressive Jackpot Games
  • Software Platform: Microgaming Viper
  • Features Over 450 Sensational Casino Games to Choose From
Vegas Country Casino is a respected UseMyBank casino
Vegas Country Casino accepts UseMyBank deposits
Vegas Country Casino
  • Sign-up Bonus: 100% up to $100
  • Software Platform: Microgaming Viper
  • Game Menu Consists of More than 400 Casino Games
  • Loyalty Program with Superb Benefits
Vegas Joker Casino is a great UseMyBank Casino
Vegas Joker Casino accepts UseMyBank payments
Vegas Joker Casino
  • Sign-up bonus: 100% up to $100
  • Software Platform: Microgaming Viper
  • Very Big Progressive Jackpots
  • Growing Game Menu Already Includes More Than 480 Games
Vegas Slot Casino is a wonderful UseMyBank Casino
Vegas Slot Casino accepts UseMyBank Deposits
Vegas Slot Casino
  • Sign-up Bonus: 100% up to 100
  • Software Platform: Microgaming Viper
  • Extra 10% Cash Back Promotion Offer
  • Loyalty Program is Very Robust
Go Wild Casino is a robust UseMyBank Casino
Go Wild Casino accepts UseMyBank payments
Go Wild Casino
  • Sign-up Bonus: Up To 1000 Free With Free Spins
  • Software Platform: Microgaming
  • Some of the Most Active Tournament Schedules on the Web
  • More than 350 Exciting Games to Choose From
  • Super Fast Payouts - as Quick as 6 Hours in Some Cases
  • Welcome Bonus Includes Free Spins and Free Loyalty Points
  • Visit Go Wild Casino

UsemyFunds Gambling - Tips For Staying On Budget

While UseMyFunds gambling is among the most secure and convenient options out there, it does provide easy access to your money, and players with self control issues may find the easy access quite tempting when it comes to straying from your budget. In order to help you manage some of those temptations, we've come up with a few tips to help you, and a few reminders of how players who struggle in this area get caught up in a bad situation. We don't want you to end up as one of those players who threw away their life savings in a moment of intense emotion.

One suggestion we have is to open a separate banking account for your online gambling activity. If you are accessing only this designated account when enjoying UsemyFunds gambling, then you should only be accessing funds that you've already deemed you can afford to loose. You will need to be disciplined enough to only deposit your play money that you can risk into this account, that way even if you get caught up in a wave of excitement or intense emotion, you won't be risking your mortgage payment or retirement savings. Its a very responsible approach and can really save you a lot of pain. Coupling that with a strategy bankroll management system in which a certain percentage of your winnings goes back into your gambling account will allow your bankroll to fund all of your gambling without dipping into any additional funds from your day to day finances or your long term savings.

Once you've established your separate bank account to be tied to your UseMyFunds betting site, your next step is to pre-determine your gaming session budget. Pick a limit and stick to it. Obviously you don't want to spend your entire bankroll in one gaming session, so limiting your expenditures per session is a good way to allow yourself to stretch your gambling out over multiple sessions and making the fun last without having to replenish your gambling funds. You'll be able to stay in the game longer this way, and will be practicing self discipline in regards to staying on budget. Once you master this skill, you will find that its no long a struggle and your gaming sessions become more stress free.

The danger zone comes in when you're either very elated with a winning streak or a large win, or you're very distraught over a loosing streak or a large loss. These are the two intense moments we are likely to overspend when visiting UsemyFunds betting sites. Come up with an intervention technique that will not allow your thoughts to spiral out of control. Thoughts such as: "I'm due for a win, I'm sure if I risk our rent payment I will win it back before the rent is due", are the kinds of thoughts that will feed the urge to overspend. You are never 'due' a win at a designated time. While the odds may say that you should have a win over a specific percentage of your play, you have no idea when that will be, or how large a win it will be.

The same goes for those on a winning streak who think because things are going well they can just risk additional funds because they are 'on a roll'. Dangerous dangerous thinking!! Come up with a way to slow yourself down and check the facts. Looking at the situation realistically can curb that urge to jump in with more. Making our selves stop and think like that for a moment can save us from making a grave mistake. Your method may be to get up and walk out to another room while taking deep breaths, or to stop and take a walk around the yard. Anything that gives you a few moments to slow down and remove yourself from the moment so you can objectively look at the facts is a beneficial technique. Remember, its online gambling, you can pause your session without affecting anything or anyone else. Employing some or all of these suggestion can ensure that your UseMyFunds betting experience is an exciting, rewarding, and responsible one.